Hello. I'm Sedki

an Uppsala based graphic designer

Photo credit: Martin Edström

I love creating beautiful, simple and effective designs, and have a deep passion for

art posters and culture



Ikea Man

Ikea Man

project thumb

Bic Man

Uppsala Thumb



A peek into the keyhole


Ashar3 Website





Regional heraldry

Swedish regional heraldry


Adidas Posters


Disney Characters – pt I

Friends or fore

Always has always been




Dissociative Identity Disorder

Posters thumbnail

The Syrian Crisis

kingdom of hyenas

Kingdom of Hyenas


World Cup 2014

anime thumb

Anime Icons


Strike on Syria


Conspiracy Theories

"I was always impressed by how quickly Sedki understood our requirements, and responded to feedback so promptly and accurately. I really appreciated being presented with options at every step of the way, which gave me an opportunity to generate some new ideas that I haven’t considered myself."

− Mohanad Ghashim, CEO - Shopgo.me

"I had the pleasure of working with Sedki during my tenure with Oasis500 in Jordan. I found Sedki to be very insightful, dedicated and knowledgeable. His focus and dedication ensured a massive success in launching several branding and design projects with corporates and startups in Jordan and the Arab world. Sedki is a team player with positive attitude. He not only knows how to manage his time, but he is a great creative with a sharp eye for detail. I look forward to working with Sedki in the future should the opportunity arise"

− Omar Al Sharif, Marketing Manager - Oasis500

"Working with Sedki has been a pleasure and a challenge in a positive way. While his creativity is challenging, the time he takes to explain the logic behind an idea and the possible future uses of it makes it a pleasure to have him on a team. Deadlines are always observed and obstacles overcome. I will definitely work with him again when I get the chance."

− Philippe Zarif, Project Director - Kader NGO

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